Our company is specialised in the production of handmade wooden model aeroplanes.

All our models, from large to small, are constructed with utmost precision, particularly paying attention to the small details.


Especially the large models are wonderfully eye-catching and very decorative.

Closed models beginning at a metre in length are fitted with LED lights.

It is also possible to have your own design or, for instance, company logo included on the model.

We can also produce any model you may desire, in any size.

We have our own production company where we can monitor the quality from beginning to end.
This is why we can guarantee a wonderful finished product.

We can deliver many of the models in our brochure directly from stock.
For special orders, a delivery period of 4 to 6 months applies.

Our brochure is available at http://airplanemodels.eu/folder.pdf

Yours sincerely
Pieter Reus
Airplane Models Europe

Airplane Models Europe is proud to present you,
its newest airplanes (small models).